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dean.florida Guest

The README file in the USS Nimitz download, step 1 states:

1-copy cvn_68_69.cfg into 'conf.d' folder inside your 'Aicarriers' installation folder.

The problem is, I can't find the "AICarriers" installation folder anywhere, and by extension, I've also been unable to locate the conf.d folder.

Can someone tell me where these folders are located?

Note: I'm doing this install as part of the T45 Carrier mission install, and everything else has been properly installed. However, until I get the cvn_68_69.cfg folder into the right location, the mission briefing screen comes up and immediately goes to an error message, and everything stops right there. Help?

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DeanFlorida Guest

Never mind.........I finally figured it out. There was another addon known as AICarriers2 that I forgot to download. That's where the "aicarrier" folder came from. Installed it and the new mission worked perfectly.

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