Flight Gear AND Virtual Pilot 3d are scams

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Don't. Don't. Don't. The previous posters are correct. No refund will be issued no matter how many times you write, when you visit the links your computer will be attacked (thank goodness my antivirus/system software blocked the attacks), and there is malware in what they send you.

DO NOT even deal with these people. They are part of the evil that gives the internet whatever bad reputation it has.

Shame on them.


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Thank you for also confirming the already existing post here:

Please note that it's not FlightGear thats the problem. FlightGear was the original open source software that Virtual Pilot 3D and all of the other "paid" versions were created from.

While it isn't "illegal" because of the open-source nature of the software, it may be slightly immoral. I actually wrote about it here (they were using "Pro Flight Simulator" as the name at the time:

You can actually get the original open-source FlightGear package for free from our own download library here:

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