4 Monitors for FSX?


Hi Everyone,
In the process of building my first FSX setup.
Ive got the computer build set but just have a question regarding multiple monitors.
Am i able to have the standard 3monitor display, but then have an additional 4th monitor under the centre one for radio stack etc, I plan on using a touch screen for the 4th monitor.

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Check this out and don't forget, FSX doesn't support SLI or Crossfire.




But do i have to get a triplehead2go? If i put in a Geforce 770 which supports 4 monitors?

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I just looked at the 700 and only see 2 connectors for monitors.
If you say it supports 4 then I believe you.
It's 2gigs, if you split that among 4 monitors you will be using a 500mb on each monitor (even with Matrox).
That will slow up your FPS.
I don't blame you for wanting 4 monitors, that would be a fantastic experience.
Be sure to have a good (powerful) power supply to support all of this hardware.
Good luck and enjoy!

Let us know how you do.


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