StephanVanKampen Guest

can anyone please help me.
I have the Thrustmaster T Flight Hortas X joystick and when i try to use rudder to align for landings or anything i need rudder for the planes nose changes direction but the direction of flight stays the same.
To make it clearer. In an approach to the runway i give full rudder, but i keep flying straight over the runway. and when i release that full rudder the planes nose jumps back to the heading i started the rudder from?

How can i fix this.

What i have done already:
-Unistalled FSX and Re-Installed
-Deleted the FSX.cfg file so that a new one is built
-Held CTRL+SHIFT opened fsx started a freeflight to cockpit veiw and released, but that to did not help
-All Settings in Controls, have been reset to default

So i am all out of ideas and please need HELP.

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Glenn. Guest

There is a button on the base that is either lit green or red.
This controls how many axis are used ( 4 or 5 )
Try changing from red to green or green to red.

You can use either "twist" on the stick for rudder (4 axis ) or the paddles behind the throttle for rudder (5 axis).

At work, don't remember which colour is which. Look in manual is alway a GREAT place to start....

StephanVanKampen Guest

Thanks for the help, but it is still doing that. the rudder is working, it turns the entire plane's nose left or right. But instead of turning heading to like lets say align to a runway it only turns the nose left/right but maintain the same heading. basically i fly parallel to the runway straight with a full left rudder. it does not make any sence.

Agent Orange Guest

I don't know exactly what you're trying to do, but airplanes are not normally turned with the rudder alone -- if you do try to turn a plane using just the rudder, the nose will move but the plane will then skid toward the outside of the turn, staying on pretty much the same heading (which is what the scenario you're describing sounds like to me). The way you turn a plane to a new heading is by banking it using the ailerons, just like turning a bike -- so if you want to turn the plane to a new heading, I recommend you try making a banked turn and see if it works.

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