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Hello, I am new here. I want play online but I cant. I cant register. when I am trying to register it says "Gamesply is unavailable right now" I am trying to connect directly but same. it says 'cannot create connection to host" how can I play mutliplaer then?? I am trying to find any solution but I cant. can anyone help me?? what to do step by step?

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I cant understand the steps. tell me what to do step by step.[/b]

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Gamespy is closed.
You can't join, they no longer exist.

Any other multiflyer site has it's own rules, ask them by email or on their forum.


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To flight online there is two networks, IVAO and VATSIM.
Try it, is fine. Search it in Google.


As has been stated, gamespy is gone but there are options. If you are flying in fsx, you can download fshost client at

and follow the instructions. It can be a little tricky if you are using a router in that you will probably have to forward some ports but not as bad as it sounds.

You will also want to download fshost spy so you will be able to see available sessions you might want to try.

Another option would be to check out Beyond GameSpy at:

There are some options there which are a lot like GameSpy.


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