FS2004 in Windows 8?

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I am using Windows 8 Pro 64bit, I installed FS2004 and it crashes & does not run? Any solution?

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At the beginning: sorry for my bad english! I am 74 years and i
forget a lot of things! I have Windows 8.1. instatalled en therefore i had Windows 8.0. On both i used FS9 or FS2004 (is the
same as you now!) I had no any problem with anyone. I can't give
you any solution. Even i have hearth from anyone who have the
same problem that you have. Maby there is a problem with Windows itself! a view minutes ago i have installed a new plane in
FS2004 and..... no problem!! If you have any qustions send me an e-mail and i look further for you. Many greetings from Peter.


O, i forgot: i live in Holland!!

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We have an article here that may be of interest:

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HI All

I have new dell XPS8700 16 g ram with AMD RADEON HDR9270 2gb gddr5 graphics card and windows 8,1.
FS2004 installed and running problem free.
Had to fiddle with FS2004 graphic settings but no other problem found.
So 2004 can run problem free on this system type.
Hope this helps.

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