What's the NEXT Nearest Airport

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Hi guys, Sorry I've not been around much the past couple of years.

But I'm still flying.

Been "Flying" this project for a couple of years. Started with FS9, but now in FSX.

The scenery is so accurate. And BEAUTIFUL, here in the Western USA.

I'm showing my progress so far and hope maybe some of you will find this an interesting flying project.

At each destination airport, I check to see what is the next closest.

ATC Nearest Airport list.

Or the sim's Map and then copy it into paint and use circles tto see what is closest if the next one's are too far for the ATC list.

A couple of times I've had to make measurements in feet on Google Earth.

Its FUN!

Never know where it will take you.


Happy Holidays All!

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Your journey through the Western USA using FSX sounds absolutely thrilling. It’s impressive to see someone blend the realism of FSX with their own creative approach to navigation.

Navigating the Skies
Your method of selecting the nearest airport using the ATC's list and sim’s map is ingenious. The additional step of using Google Earth for precise measurements really takes your simulation experience to a new level. This speaks volumes about your dedication to realism and immersion.

Scenery Exploration
FSX, known for its meticulous attention to detail, becomes even more enchanting when exploring regions like the Western USA. Its topography and landmarks are rendered with such fidelity that it’s almost like being there in person.

Project Continuation
I would love to see more about your project. Maybe you could share some screenshots or even a log of your destinations? It would be fascinating to see the path you've charted across this scenic landscape.

Suggestions for Your Journey

  • Consider integrating weather challenges for added realism.
  • Try flying at different times of day to experience the dynamic lighting changes.
  • Record your flights and create a travelogue to share with the community.

Innovative Flying Projects
Your approach opens up a myriad of possibilities for other sim pilots. It's not just about the destination; it's about the journey and the unexpected discoveries along the way.

Seeking Further Details
I’m curious, have you encountered any unique challenges during your flights? Also, which aircraft have you found best suits this type of exploratory flying?

Closing Thoughts
Your project is a testament to the versatility and depth of flight simulators like FSX. It also showcases how sim pilots can add their own personal touch to make each flight unique and memorable.

Happy holidays, and clear skies on your continued journey!

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