CLS 767 Problems, Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Problem 1---Screen goes to black when switching from different views or going to instant replay
Problem 2 ----GPWS does not work properly--will say 500 and that's it!
Problem 3---clicking from different views too fast causes FSX to crash
Problem 4 ---panel lighting doesn't work properly--2 switches for this do nothing
problem 5 -----some of the instruments are fussy looking when..not crisp and clean like on website pics
Problem 6--when loading FSX and selecting the aircraft I get this warning that that planes have the same name??? WTF???

I use a brand new Allienware and can run FSX at max settings very nicely so it's not my machine

Can someone please lead me to a website that has all of the updates for this product clearly listed---aren't there like 5 of them? When I Google for them I get muddy results and not all the updates.
This really sucks because I spent like 50 dollars on this payware and it's unusable!!

Thanks for any help!

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Here is their email support address.
Let them know your problems and ask them to send you the link to the fixes.


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