AI Traffic density in FSX

Arjun Bendre Guest

Hi all,

I have used WOAI in the past on my old computer, running FS9, and the AI Traffic density was brilliant; at major airports (Heathrow, Kennedy, Los Angeles, Dallas Fort Worth, etc.) I was having to wait at runways to take off, etc.: the realism was excellent.

This was on a very old Millennium Edition computer and I was waiting for it to die; once it did: I bought a new computer, Windows 8.1, 4GB RAM, etc.

And this time I thought I would upgrade to FSX.

Recently, I installed every WOAI Package from the latest to Summer 2009, and a select few after that too. However, the AI Traffic density is NOTHING like the old computer, there are very few aircraft at Heathrow, Kennedy, Los Angeles, Dallas Fort Worth, etc. and I am never waiting at the runway; it is always clear ready for me. FSX is set to 'Ultra High' Traffic.

And, there is a lot of Orbit, Landmark, World Travel AI Traffic; I don't want this that much, I want real airlines, such as American, Delta, United, British Airways, etc.

Basically, what I want is a lot of AI Traffic, the need to enter holding patterns, waiting, etc.

You may think that this is mad; but I love realism, so thats why I want all of this.

Please help me. Thank you.

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