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Arjun Bendre Guest

Hi all,

I know that British Airways operate a service from Gatwick (EGKK) to Edinburgh (EGPH) on their 737s. One plane goes from Gatwick to Edinburgh and back in one day. The flight numbers are different for each flight, obviosuly.

So, I was wondering whether it would be possible for me to have a flight plan that allows me to have one flight number on one leg of the journey (EGKK-EGPH) and then a different flight number on the second leg (EGPH-EGKK). I would want:

Speed Bird 2936 EGKK to EGPH: Complete the flight, touchdown in EGPH and taxi to gate. I would already have enough fuel to go back to EGKK, so taxi straight to the runway and fly:

Speed Bird 2945 EGPH to EGKK

I would also need to create an IFR flight plan that would log this into the inflight GPS and ATC communications.

So, how would I do this?

Please help me, thank you!

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