Importing Buildings (Scenery Objects) into CFS3...

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I am a classical Newbie at Flight Sims, but have always found it fascinating. I volunteered to build objects in Gmax for a friend who is modding a WWI German airfield at Boistrancourt. (CFS3/Wings Over Flanders Fields) I made several objects. I then made one extra: a simple block building that I used to learn how to map textures.

The time has come to import this building into CFS3 to test my results. I am looking for the simplest, most painless method of doing this. I downloaded a tutorial from this site on how to use the Object Placement Tool, but it appears to be part of FSX, which I don't have. I wouldn't mind getting it, if this is the way to go. Can FSX be used to put objects in CFS3?

All suggestions welcome.

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