ILS problem at halim airport

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I have a problem with my GPS approach to a particular airport. When trying to set up approach to Halim airport (WIHH) using GPS it causes fsx to freeze. Using GPS to set a course to Halim destination does not cause any problem using the GPS. This problem seems to be specific to Halim only, as all other airports I've used setting up approach to VOR or ILS have no problems. Anybody know what could cause this. I've tried or the usual like reinstalling etc and also readings many forums for this type of problem, but still the problem persists.

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There may be a problem (bug) with that airport.
FSX has a few scenery problems this could be one.
You could also be overextending your computer at this one airport.
The only way to check this is to lower all your slides thereby redirecting more CPU power to the Sim not the looks of the Sim.
I would lower autogen, shadows, AI and clouds.


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