ILS problems again...

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I have recently been attempting to master ILS approaches. I have read the approach guides on this webstie and also many other things about ILS on the web.
I am flying in a dahvilland twin otter. I follow the pink line to my destination, and make sure I has the green feathers. I then type the code into nav1. I have tried this a few times, on one occaision the NAV1 picked up the frequency, and the ILS worked properly, but on the other two times, which were both at the same airport, the NAV1 didnt pick up the signal, even when I was really close.
Is this a problem with the airport? It's ILS frequency for runway 9 (the only one with ILS) is 110.70. I think this may be a posibility, because I have noticed some other weird things with the airport: It is not in the exact position shown by the gps - I follow the gps down the green feathers and find myself a few hundred metres to the right of, and at an odd angle to the runway.
Or is it something that I am doing wrong?
All help is really appreciated.

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sorry about the double post...
I just remembered: I had the frequency typed in NAV1 and 2, and neither picked it up, so its not a radio probelm I think.

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you could be too high

try to intercept the localizer at something like 1800-2000 ft

hope it helps

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Thanks, ill try it.
Also the other odd thing about the airport: when I click on it on the map it shows heading as 090, but when i land on it the heading is more like 100.

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