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Kiosk Mode?

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So I'm trying to help a local museum fix their flight simulator. While I fixed the physical computer, their "Kiosk mode" pops up immediately when it starts (which is good), but has a bunch of garbage missions that have nothing to do with the historical mission they want people to experience.

How to I edit the list of missions that pops up when I start the computer so the historical mission is the only one on the list?

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So that might work, I guess... I could download it on a flash drive and bring it to the flight simulator? Is there any way of editing the mission list from a .cfg file somewhere, or would I have to get this program to do that? I'm assuming the original person to set it up chose the list of missions somehow.


Wait, I got it. There's a file called "kiosk settings" in the main folder and I was able to mess around with it from there. Thanks!

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Since I've never used it I can't say how far you can go with it.
All you can do is try.
Good luck!


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