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Ive been having problems with my PDMG 777 textures and other 777 textures.
My textures are all grey. When i first got the PDMG 777 pack no textures were showing. after 4 months of re search nothing has come up. even on forums nothing helps. i hope i cam get some help
Clockpie 5436[/b]

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Go into the sim, the menu, choose the graphics tab and uncheck the box that say's DX10.
You should have all the colors back.


Clockpie 5436 Guest

Thx. im just restarting fsx now. OH MY THANK YOU IT WORKS!!!!
If i could i would have you as my brother 😀DDD

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RadarMan Chief Captain

😂 I'm glad it worked for you.
Thanks for letting us know.


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