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Hi, I've recently purchased the 737NGX. Install went fine. Installed simconnect as advised with SE edition. Loaded aircraft, all works fine with cold and dark start until about 10-15 minutes into the startup of aircraft when keyboard shortcuts no longer work, and no longer able to use mouse cursor to click anything on the VC. Closed and reloaded, same issue again. Cursor when using any button on keyboard appears as a clicking index finger. Running up to date version of FSX SE, FSpassengers installed but not operational at that pint, and active sky next installed and running in background. I've contacted the pmdg help desk but no one has got back to me and it's kind of annoying me now as I've spent $60 on the plane but have yet to be able to even fly it. Thanks

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Alex1591 Guest

Even turned active sky next off , still same problem. So frustrating. I literally get the the point where the fmc is almost set up and all procedures to starting are complete and then it stops working. (At different points, nothing from whatnincan see that I've done to cause it)

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Did you read the red part (right side) and load service pack.



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