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Sam Rosner Guest

I have been playing around with FSX for years but only now that I have retired am I getting more serious about it. The result of this is that I find that I know so little it is amazing.

I will probably have lots of questions but right now just trying to understand how to use the Scenery Library. I have a number of paid add ons (mostly OBIX) but also of course all the ones that come with FSX.

I have looked on a few sites and seen instructions which simply do not seem to work for me. I press Add Area and then I have no idea what is supposed to happen next. I think I need some kind soul to just explain what I should be doing (in simple terms) so I can try to enjoy all that FSX has to offer.

Thanks for your help

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Go to the scenery section of the Sim and right click on an empty space (yes it sounds strange), then go back and see is the scenery has shown up.


Sam Rosner Guest

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I have made no progress and maybe I better explain myself a bit better.

When I open the scenery library I get along with my paid add ons a number of items and maybe if I can get one of them into the sim I might have more luck with the paid add ons,

For instance one of the items I see is "berlin". How do you use that item. If I press add scenery nothing seems to happen.

I am afraid I really need step by step instructions and I have watched many tutorials but things still don't click.

Hope someone can give me he simple way to do this

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RadarMan Chief Captain
Sam Rosner Guest

Thanks for the continuing effort

I feel I have been unclear in what my problem is. I have everything in the FSX scenery add on file and assumed once this was the case all that would be necessary was to click "search add on scenery" and everything would come up as it does if I click "search default scenery".

However if I do that all I get is select airport screen with 2 totally blank boxes headed "Search Results" and Scenery areas"

What happens to the searching of the add on scenery?

Any suggestions

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You have to find it to add it.

I don't know if your watching any of these videos.


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