Aerosoft US Cities X VS. MegasceneryEarth Ultra-ResCities et

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Everybody CLAIMS that THEIRS is the BEST, most Photo-realistic, and they are all mostly PAYWARE. I'm a USMC Disabled Viet Nam Vet, living on one check a month from the V.A., so my cash-flow doesn't really 'flow'.

I discovered Flight Sims a couple of years ago, and I now have most all of them.....FSX, P3D, X-Plane, Flightgear, la, la..... Since 'walking' is out.... Flying is in! (Gets me out of the house!)

SO....IF I'm going to PAY for Scenery..... Who's is the BEST?????

Megascenery Earth Ultra Res........Aerosoft US Cities X.......Who else... oh yeah.... ORBX FTX.....

Please feel free to get your 2 cents in....... PLEASE!![/u][/b]

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