Can't Enable Speed Hold Auto-Pilot in FSX Steam Edition

Teodor Guest

Hello. I've recently started to play FSX and I've encountered a very annoying problem. When I rotate my 737 to the air, I can't enable the Speed Hold Auto-Pilot. This is really bad because when I don't activate it I'm always at overspeed or too slow and stall. I've tried to check which one is the key that is set to enable the Speed Hold, and it is CTRL + R, but it still doesn't work. It also doesn't work when I try to activate that autopilot still in the ground. Anyone knows a fix to this problem?

Note that all the other autopilots (altitude hold, heading, etc.) are working, I can enable it normally.

I'd really appreciate an answer. Thanks.

Also note that I don't have an official Windows notebook, I am using Boot Camp: I'm using a Mac. But that shouldn't change anything in the game.

Thanks again.[/b]

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Scroll down, the answer should be there.


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I went to the forum site listed and found it to be very good but I didn't learn how to make the speed button hold . I have been flying Flight SIm from Microsoft since it started and have 10K hours as a real time pilot but I can't get the speed button/autothrottle to hold speed . Please advise something. Help. 😀

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I know it's not the same aircraft you have but they should all handle the same.

See if that helps.


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