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Hi everyone.
I am having problems when flying plane in FSX.
Before & after take off I am unable to change the setting the elevator trim. The result of this is that the aircraft points straight up to the sky and nothing I do will correct this which results in a crash.
How can I get around this problem please.
Looking forward to a solution so I can get flying correctly.
Regards to all.
Tony Jeffs. flying from EGHD

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Check for new software on the site of whatever controller you are using.
Clean out the old before you install the new.


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The Airbus A321 has some issues with the Computer Flight Control. Shift [5] brings up the overhead switch panel >> switch the three flight control buttons to OFF (mid left on the panel). That way your initial elevator settings are preserved during take off and climb out. You can use autopilot as normal with the Flight Control disabled.

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