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I have been a long time user of Microsoft Flight Sims and have moved on to Flight Sim X the start of this year. I never fully utilized Flight Planners with past versions of Flight Sim, but decided to "venture out" with X.

I begin my flights by choosing flights with a range of 100-150 miles. I create the flight plan, save it to Flight Planner and then highlight the Cities of departure and destination on a US map of an outdated Road Atlas. I fly the flight plan, make revisions (due to obstacles or lessons learned) to the original flight plan, print the revised flight log and file away for future use. So far, in viewing my Road Atlas map, I have pretty well saturated most major cities east of the Mississippi River! I have to admit, what started out as just a new entertainment challenge, my time on Flight Sim X has turned out to be a learning process about the country we live in. My wife is originally from the New York area and she will tease me by saying, "you fly all these various routes, but have you challenged some of the busier airports such as JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Boston yet?" Her dare to challenge my venturing into these airports was just what I needed to give me more confidence in flying into larger more complex airports. Not only was I successful in flying into and out of these airports, I have moved on to others like Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago O'Hare, Charlotte and Cincinnati, just to name a few.

Flight Simulator X has taken on a whole new meaning. I have truly enjoyed this phase of the simulator and encourage anyone else wanting to "venture out," to give Flight Planner a try. I find it more gratifying than just getting the aircraft of choice "up and down in one piece!"

Just wanted to share with you! "Enjoy your Flight!"


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