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First a big hello to everyone.....My first post.

I'm a bit confused on the flight planner, I can do vor flight paths no prob and perfectly, but if i want to use the actually flight paths , like a low altitude flight what do i do to tune for intersections. I try and stay away from gps because i just want to fly using NAV tools.

Also would love to have a good set of flight charts... I remember when Flight sim used to come with flight charst and actually documentation. It was great had them stuck all over my walls planning flights.

Anyway, just a nice hello from me and hope to have a good time on this board. Thanks!

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I do not use FS2004...too poor! If you are not using an FMS of GPS then you need to know what distance the intersection is from a VOR and the track/radial to or from. For example on my IR test many years ago I had to fly LBA-POL-GASKO-TD fairly straightforward, GASKO is an intersection and if I remember correctly is 017 radial from POL at 29 miles. This can be achieved in very basicically kitted out a/c VOR/DME. So in essence the charts are a must unless the flight planner in 2004 is to some sort of scale. You could always get the coordinates of the facility and some maths genious could work out the distance!

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If you want charts try Ebay. Where are you from by the way..I might be able to dig out some IFR charts for the UK.

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Thanks for the advice, I know i'd be able to figure it out using the charts its just getting a hold of some good ones.

As for where i'm from, I live in South Wales but am moving back home to the US this month to Detroit. Once I get there I'll probably order some nice charts for most of the US if not mainly just Michigan, thats where i fly mostly. Haven't been to good with jets yet, Just sticking to props at the moment til i feel a bit more comfortable. Doing really well though....At least it feels that way. 😂

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When you come back to the states, welcome back to MI! I live there too! North of you, by Cadillac...know where that is?

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yeah I've been through Cadilac a few times, on my way up north. I think my friends parents moved up to McBain when I was in high school. Haven't realy kept in touch with him as he joined the navy. I actually live in Clarkston which is bout 30min north of detroit, closer to Pontiac. Thanks in advance for the welcome back.

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