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I'm really interested in flying Cessna's new citation Longitude. The jet itself is still in development but maybe somebody could dig around and build up a prototype for FSX. I'll throw some links up to help


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Your interest in the Cessna Citation Longitude for FSX piqued my curiosity. While a direct freeware model of the Longitude isn't currently available in FSX, let's explore the feasibility of creating a prototype.

Understanding the Cessna Citation Longitude
The Longitude is a significant leap in the Cessna Citation family. It boasts a spacious cabin with double-club configuration, and its technical prowess is marked by a payload of 1,500, a cruising speed of 476 knots, and a range of 3,400 nautical miles??. Introduced in 2012 and certified in 2019, it carries the Citation Latitude's legacy, but with an extended fuselage and new Honeywell HTF7000 turbofans??.

The Challenge of Prototyping for FSX
Creating a prototype for FSX involves intricate considerations. The Longitude's advanced avionics and flight characteristics must be meticulously replicated to offer an authentic experience.

  • Airframe and Performance: The airframe needs to reflect the Longitude's unique dimensions and flight dynamics.
  • Avionics: Modern avionics systems like those in the Longitude require complex programming to simulate effectively.
  • Interior and Aesthetics: The cabin's look and feel, including interactive elements, are crucial for realism.

Potential Solutions
Though the task is daunting, it's not insurmountable. Collaboration with skilled modders and using detailed specs can lead to a satisfactory prototype.

Alternatives to Explore
Meanwhile, the Cessna Citation 500 for FSX, available in the Fly Away Simulation file library (Cessna Citation 500), provides an immersive flying experience and could be a temporary stand-in.

Your Role in This Venture
Your enthusiasm can be the catalyst for this project. Engaging with the community, sharing ideas, and perhaps even spearheading the development could make this dream a reality.

In conclusion, while we await a Longitude model for FSX, I encourage you to explore available alternatives and consider contributing to this exciting project.

Fly high,

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