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Adisz Guest

Does anyone know if there is a way to steer the aircraft during pushback ?
I use to think it was Shift + 1 & 2. but that just brings up the panel,GPS etc.
Crying or Very sad

any help would be much appreciated 🙂

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Shift+P and use 1 or 2 for steering right or left.

Give it a little time, it won't back up as soon as you press the keys.


Byron Guest

Let the aircraft move back at least the length of it's self before hitting the 1 or 2 keys. this usually works , but not in every case. 😎

Guest Ed Guest

I have seen discusson lately about how shift+P and 1 or 2 doesn't work for some aircraft-- I think the trick is that you have to hit 1 or 2 right away, and not wait. You just gotta be quick. Shift+P simultaneously, then 1 or 2 immediately. It won't start to turn right away, but it always works for me.


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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Im with Guest Ed on this one.....if I wait too happens

I have read that after the shift +P and 1 or 2 the aircraft will back up 1 plane length before it turns

crosscheck9 Guest

does anyone know how to alter the distance the plane moves back. it seems very unrealistic, moving that small a distance

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RadarMan Chief Captain

As long as you don't stop and reverse it, it'll keep backing up.


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