BeaverX Homeland Security mission

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When I fly the BeaverX Homeland Security mission, after I pass Waypoint 2 they give me intercept vectors to the suspicious aircraft -- first "heading 075, 20 miles", then "heading 065, 10 miles" -- but after I turn to a heading of 065 to follow the second vector, even though I keep flying for FAR MORE than 10 miles, I never do see the suspicious aircraft and I don't get any more instructions. What's happening here? Am I doing something wrong, or is this some kind of software bug?

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My vague memory (if you are in a helicoper? - I may be remembering the same mission ? ?) I think you just persevere and keep going for quite a while - you will eventually spot the DC3

Agent Orange Guest

No, that's not the same mission -- you must be thinking of "Customs Intercept" from the Acceleration package, whereas I'm talking about "Homeland Security" from the BeaverX mission package. (I know this because for this mission, I'm in a Beaver, not a helo.)

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