H.M.S. Victorious 66

GBJim Guest

Newbie here has just downloaded H.M.S. Victorious 66. Where do I go in the Sim to find this carrier, and/or, how do I locate it ? Is it located at a certain port ? Can't seem to find it anywhere ?

Thanks guys - Jim

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This is a guess without reading the read-me that came with it..
Go into the sim, menu, put a check in show all variations and see if it comes up in the list.



GBJim Guest

Thanks Radar, no go, it has already been checked. Crying or Very sad


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Too bad,
This is the link to the company that builds it.
Check the downloadable PDF.
If that doesn't help then see if they can help on their forum,,,I'm sure they can and will.


Let us know how you do.


GBJim Guest

Just to clarify, I have downloaded and installed dozens of aircraft without much difficulty, but this boat has got me frustrated. It doesn't show up in the plane menu . What am I doing wrong ? ? ? Crying or Very sad

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It's difficult to say without installing it myself.
Wrong folder, they figure you know where it should be, all different reasons.
Personally if there isn't a clue as to where it should be in the read-me or that PDF on the main page I would ask others that downloaded and are using it on the forum.


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