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HI Crying or Very sad
by playing CFS 2 in campaign-mode I'm always angry about I cannot change or add other planes! It's very "uncool" to have a "ZERO" in an UN-mission or getting order to destroy battleships with only guns! There must be options for better planes and weapons!
Can anyone tell me, if there is any way to config the champaingplay?
Looking forward to Your kindly help,
skybolt 66.

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I'm really having difficulties understanding what your problem is 🤔
You've got 4 nationalities to choose from - the Zero is the second best fighter in the game after the George and if you play your cards right, you can take out anything with any a/c in the game Ninja

BTW... you shouldn't be drinking Champagne while you're on a Campaign 😀

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get a proper WWII combat sim

torpedoes, bombs, rockets.. you name it 🙂

or IL2 Forgotten Battles

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Hi tailhook,
I know, ALL planes also Add-Ons can be used in single-missions, but in a
champaign only few (max3 later 5). I want to place more there and found no way. Maybe somebody is expert in game-config and helpfull. Idea
grtgs skybolt66.

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I see what you're getting at - whether or not it is at all possible to add a/c to the campaigns , I'm not sure.
To start with (if you haven't already done so) I would make sure to increase all of my Difficulties in the Settings, particularly in the 'Realism Settings'.

there are 14 pages - maybe you'll find something you can use.

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