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Just a "heads up" to a problem I recently encountered. I was trying to fly an Instrument Approach to landing at Lambert - St Louis KSTL Rwy 30L, had the FSX published frequency 110.55 entered and all is good until making the turn from base to final. Alt hold disengages, flight path takes you about 15* left of the path to Rwy 30L. I fought this most of the afternoon yesterday. This morning, I tried to fly the same approach, but this time approaching from the north, same results! Before giving up completely, I decided to do a Google search for the an ILS Approach Plate for RWY 30L at Lambert - St Louis and low and behold it showed the ILS Freq as 111.5.
HMMMMM, let's give that a try! Worked like a champ! If you should ever encounter this problem, check the frequency on an appropriate FAA approach plate. It's obvious in my case that a typo had been made! There could be more out there! 🙄

Happy Flying! Rick

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Thanks for the heads up. Will try KSTL myself soon to see what happens. Cheers 🙂

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