FSX: Steam Landing Lights Switch Won't Stay On

Maureen. Caliendo Guest

I can't seem to engage my landing lights either 10M feet or on final. The switch flips down then up immediately. Any suggestions!!! Thx

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Try this, found elsewhere.

If you use 'landing-lights-gear' in your panel then they won't light unless the gear is down, if I remember it right.
So, you'd have to lower the gear and then switch on the lights.


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kato223 Trainee

I don't know if you found an answer for this, but this can be related to when you have the 3D Lights Redux installed into FSX-SE.

I have found that this might be a bug with the 3D LIghts Redux in its ability to detect whether the UC legs are up or down. So, I have found it is best to turn off its detection of the gear.

In your panel.cfg found in one of the aircraft folders in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\DLC\379233\SimObjects\Airplanes" find the line in the [VCockpit01] section that reads like "gauge29=shockwave_lights!SW Lights_gear, 1,1,1,1 //shockwave light" and change it to "gauge29=shockwave_lights!SW Lights, 1,1,1,1 //shockwave light" removing the "_gear" part of the line.

Then you just have to remember to turn the landing lights on and off manually. Using Ctrl+L can make this easy.

Hope this helps!

shadower Guest


Thank you so much, kato223!!

You saved my day and solved my problem with the 3D Lights Redux! 😀

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