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I am repainting the FSX default Dash8-100. I notice the fuselage repaint is one sided ie the left side of the aircraft, so there is a separate DDS file called "" which puts the airline name onto the fuselage and flips it to face the right way on the other side of the fuselage (right hand side).
Question is how do I create a 'second' .dds file to put the registration on one side and it flips it to the other side of the fuselage? What would I call the file and how do I get it to locate in the correct position on the aircraft?
Too difficult? I can't figure it out.
Thanks guys 🙂

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That's an interesting question. I'm not very knowledgeable with it comes to repainting but I would have thought that there would be different texture files for each side of the aircraft. Is this not the case?


Thanks heaps mate, I really appreciate your help 🙂

No, there is only a one sided texture file for one side of the aircraft, and it then flips a mirror of it to the other side of the aircraft, meaning any text is around the wrong way on that side of the aircraft.


Not a repainter but on texture 22 (Piedmont) its missing the above. I have DXTBMP but wouldn't know what to do.

Any help appreciated.

Bob M.


Sorry I already posted but I am not sure anyone would understand what the question was.

I have hunted and these two are missing (texture 22-Piedmont) and I am not a repainter. If someone could tell me what to do.

Would be grateful,

Have a great day!!!
Bob M.

unc1rlm Guest

How do you post on this website?

I am missing the DECAL_NNUMBER.BMP and the RIGHTTAIL_D.BMP

I am not a painter. I am trying to have the Piedmont (texture 22) visible and its missing in
Model Converter X....Plane is of no use to me without it.

I worked for Piedmont in the early 70's.

Have a great day!!!!

Bob M.

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