Boeing 737 NG Checklist and Procedures App (Pmdg, iFly ...)

ram041 Guest


When I started flying PMDG 737 NGX and iFly, I really struggled in the first days, because it's not easy to fly such airplane specially without knowing the exact procedure that you must follow in order to start up the aircraft for example, well I've read many documents and articles in order to learn how to fly it correctly, and that's exactly why I am writing this post now. Recently I've developed an app about procedures and checklists for Boeing 737 NG (PMDG, iFly ...), I gathered information from many resources in order to make it simple and productive. I also added some features like Night Mode which is very convenient during the night. Anyway, you can check this link for the app.

Procedures provided in the app are :

• Preflight & Aft Overhead
• Overhead Preparation
• Forward Panel & Pedestal
• Before Pushback / Ready For Pushback
• Engine Start
• After Engine Start
• Taxi
• Cleared Into Position
• Takeoff
• After Takeoff
• Climb
• Cruise
• Initial Descent
• Final Approach / Landing
• After Landing / Taxi
• Shutdown / Secure

Checklists provided in the app are :

• Preflight
• Before Start
• Before Taxi
• Before Takeoff
• After Takeoff
• Descent
• Approach
• Landing
• Shutdown
• Secure

I hope it will be useful enough, even I'm sure it will be, specially for new fs pilots, have a nice flight 🙂

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Rick G Guest

When you say you have developed an App for 737 procedures, what does that mean? I would love to be able to see what you have developed, but I don't see a link where I can click to open or instructions on how to find the procedures.

I have used this site for learning about the various aircraft of MS FSX. If you read them enough, things begin to make sense! I would very much like to see what you have come up with for a comparison

Thanks - Rick

ram041 Guest

Yes it's gonna be perfect, well the link is there in the end of the first paragraph " can check this link for the app. " just click on "link", unfortunately it's not obvious, I want to update the post to put some images but I can't find any update option, do I have to post it again, with new modifications ? thanks.

Rick G Guest

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I see it now! Thanks! It says it requires Android, I guess that leaves my computer out, but I might be able to download on my Samsung Tablet!

I'll try that! Looks very professional, though! Nice job!

ram041 Guest

I'm glad to hear that from you, I'm waiting for your review, I hope it's gonna be very productive for you, and please if you noticed any possible enhancement or feature that I can add, please don't hesitate to tell me, because I will consider it for my future updates. Thank you 🙂

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