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Hello Everyone,
Legacy Aviation is in need of a small repaint project done. Most of the planes are general aviation. I just need a blue curvy stripe down the side of the planes with detail on the stripe. (Something like the default Cessna 172SP texture.1)
I will need:

Cessna 172SP (Default if possible)
Cessna 182S (Default if possible)
Cessna 404 Titan (Have a link)
Beechcraft Baron 58 (Default if possible)
Beechcraft King Air 350 (Default if possible)
Embraer 120 (Have a link)

I know that default planes are a painters worst nightmare. If you can do at least the Cessna 172SP, the Beechcraft Baron 58, or the Cessna 404 Titan, that would be great. Also, if anyone decides to do this repaint, just email me and I will give you more details. Also, you can join Legacy Aviation with a head start as a Captain.

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Steve Morley Guest

Hi Clayton

I thought you were doing your own repaints these days!

I have a Cessna 152 that flies well and a Beech 200 KingAir that repaints well but the default aircraft are a pain in the neck!

The King Air 350 has a large dimple in the port fuselage just aft of the wing root making it a pig to paint.

The C404 and the EMB120 should be real easy, so long as you don't mind a one handed guy doing them!


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