Boeing 777 ILS Decent Rate

Rick G Guest

Been having great luck downloading freeware Boeings. I haven't had any issues with ILS descent rates until I downloaded my most recent, a Boeing 777. All is fine with the aircraft picking up the ILS glide scope up until the descent point kicks in. The descent rate is such that the aircraft runs out of altitude long before even a 500' altitude can be achieved. Descent rate is so much that the warning "PULL UP, PULL UP" is blaring away. All my default aircraft and the others that is have downloaded as freeware have been fine on ILS approach to landings! Is there any thing that I can focus in on when looking at such things as the aircraft CFG file that might make this aircraft wanting to get to the ground as quickly as possible? I look at the section for Autopilot and nothing jumps out and bites me! Any suggestions, will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks - Rick

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