Aircraft exterior lights all have lighted squares around the

Rick G Guest

Just recently all aircraft exterior lights (Nav, beacons, strobes, landing lights) have squares surrounding them?
Any suggestions on what I can do to eliminate them?

Thanks - Rick

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Rick G Guest

Thanks, Radarman, I tried almost everything up until 2:30 this morning. My mind finally helped me go to my
Flight Sim Disk 1. I remembered having used it in the past and figured let me try it again. The "repair" selection worked again! Takes a while but it worked, no more squares. In the process leading up to that, I deleted 3 add-on aircraft, of which 2, I can probably live without, one I am going back for this morning!

All is good again! Thanks for responding!


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RadarMan Chief Captain

The repair disk is always a good bet, kudos to you for thinking and using it.


Rick G Guest

Yes, thanks! I've used it twice now and both times it solved my problems. Hope others take advantage of what is there if you need it! One freeware download, the one I went back in and reloaded this morning, had an option for Redux lighting upgrade, which I didn't download, was probably the culprit, as the file options were there, just the same! When I reloaded the aircraft, I isolated those 2 optional entries from Flight Sim and attached them to Temp Directories far away from Flight Sim X! Hopefully that will prevent the problem from "rearing it's ugly head" again! Looking at strobes and nav lights emitting squares is very annoying to say the least!

Anyway, "All is good again," until next time!

Happy Flying! - Rick

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