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Terry Boissel (TKB818) Trainee

I use Sketchup make 2017 it is a brilliant programme and allows you to build models that fit nicely in your flt sim.

However, I have a problem which I have been unable to resolve and hope some of the more experienced scenery Guru's out there can help me.

The issues is; I have built a Temp Brick Building and rendered it with a solid colour NATO green for instance and converted it to . MDL format using ModelconverterX and the model displays correctly .

However, if I then use a brick, wood or any other texture other than solid colour, it will only show up as the dreaded Black Shape of the building.

I have converted the texture to DDS and the Model using MCX , but I don't seem able to get the model to display correctly. Any help would very much appreciated

Thank you Terry

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RadarMan Chief Captain

They should be able to help you here.

If not email the company.


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