Invisible aircraft need help

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Some of the aircraft I download from here all work fine until i go to virtual cockpit and the the aircraft disappears. Cockpit works fine and outside views are fine, Its only VC that makes the plane disappear. Can anyone help???

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Try shutting off the slides, autogen, shadows, clouds and AI.
The sim will look terrible but the idea is to see if your video card is the problem.
If it's old or weak you'll see the aircraft.
This isn't permanent, just an experiment.


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Thanks I'll give it a try but I doubt it will help as it's quite a be computer and has decent spec. It's only happen I g with a few of the planes on this site. Most work fine and all the ones I've bought are fine too. Sometimes I get the wings when I look round but no body or cockpit. By cockpit works fine and exterior views of the plane are fine. It's only virtual cockpit that's invisible

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