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Real world weather showing snow in summer when it's sunny

piglet Guest

Hi everyone
Can anyone help me?
I have suddenly started to get snow when I start a flight from the UK especially in the London area I am getting snow instead of the correct sunny weather we have been getting.
I have tried almost everything to correct the problem but no luck.very annoying
Real world weather elsewhere seems OK.
Tried flying from Heathrow for about 2 days and still snowing.
Any ideas anyone please?

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Robert Murphy Guest

I am getting exatly the same from the SE England. I ensure the season is set as IRL (i.e summer in this instance) but when I download real world weather, it's always bloody snowing..... no idea why and I can't find a fix.

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

If I'm right, they are having problems uploading the latest in "real weather" and you are running on the old settings until they straighten things out with an upgrade.


Robbyd Guest

I have the same problem with FS9 for a big swathe of SE England. Snow on ground, and sometimes snowing, when in real weather mode regardless of real weather, or season. Tried setting weather (User defined) which gets rid of it for while but as soon as real world weather is re enabled the problems reappears within minutes.

Something has happened to the real world server communications I think.

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