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Regarding Windows 7 Home Premium, .... I always enjoyed MS FS 2004 until Microsoft screwed things up.
Any suggestions so that I can again enjoy MS FS 2004? I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.
Thanks in advance
June 29, 2018

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It works fine on W7.
Uninstall it if it's still on your machine with

It will find all the hidden files and clean the registry.
Reinstall 2004 and all should be fine.


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Tom (tervy) Trainee

In June 2018 Dave inquired as to how to make FS2004 work again after MS unnecessarily blocked it. Does the uninstalling of FS2004 through REVO actually work? I tried it three work.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Quote not working, replying to Revo complaint.

No problems here.


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