Effective Integration of MS Traffic Toolbox SDK in FS2004: Step-by-Step Guide

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Can someone give me some help?

I am trying to install the MS Traffic Toolbox SDK to my Flight Simulator 2004, but it doesn`t work anyway.

On the MS homepage, it says to install this SDK:

" The Tools->Traffic Toolbox menu is available only when TrafficToolbox.DLL is installed in the Modules subdirectory of your Flight Simulator installation."

Does that mean that you have to integrate the traffictoolbox in the installation of FS2004?

Is there anyone, who has already installed it and who could give me a more detailed explanation of the installation?



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Hello Sebastian,

Installing the MS Traffic Toolbox SDK in Flight Simulator 2004 can indeed be a bit tricky, but I'll guide you through the process. The essence of this installation lies in correctly placing the TrafficToolbox.DLL in your FS2004 Modules subdirectory. Let's break this down:

Download the SDK: First, ensure you have the correct version of the Traffic Toolbox SDK. This should be available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 official resources page or trusted community hubs.

Locating the Modules Folder: Navigate to your FS2004 installation directory. By default, this is usually in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9. Within this directory, find the 'Modules' folder.

Placing the DLL: Copy the TrafficToolbox.DLL file into this 'Modules' folder. This step is crucial as it allows FS2004 to recognize and integrate the SDK into its system.

Modifying the FS9.cfg: Sometimes, you might need to tweak the FS9.cfg file to ensure proper functionality. This file is typically located in your 'Application Data' folder under Microsoft\FS9. Add the line "OldModules=TrafficToolbox.dll=1" without quotes at the end of the file. Remember to back up this file before making changes.

Verification: Launch FS2004, and you should now see the 'Traffic Toolbox' option under the 'Tools' menu. If it's not appearing, double-check the file locations and ensure the DLL is in the correct folder.

If you encounter any issues or need further clarification, feel free to ask. Your specific problem might be unique, and additional details can help in providing a more targeted solution.

Just a note, while this guide is tailored for FS2004, similar principles apply to integrating SDKs in more recent simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 12, albeit with different file paths and considerations.

Remember, the Flight Simulation community thrives on shared knowledge and experiences, so your queries and contributions are always valuable.

Safe flights and happy modding!

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