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I've finally mastered the ILS approach and landing, and have lately been trying my hand at IFR. So everything's fine until I get an instruction from ATC ... "expect vectors GPS to runway 7". I know why they would have me land on the non ILS runway, but I don't have a clue as what to do with the GPS. Can one of you magnificent navigators out there fill me in please. I'm lost in a storm, and can't see the runway, and I'm sure something dreadful is about to happen!!!

Thanks in advance ... Art

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Thanks for that Accelor. Here's a place that might help us both out. Of course, I'll need to read it a few hundred times before it makes any sense to me. 🙄 Man ... they sure don't make it easy. Wall Bashing

Later ... Art

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i am a CFII so ill try to help.

you have a few options.

1. you can always request a different approach....even on a different runway, then you will get cleared to "circle to land"

2. the gps on the FSX will load approachs.

go to PROC (procedure) and then "select approach" you will have a list of approaches. if you are recieving vectors you can selec vectors, or if you have the approach plates you can select your FAF or your IAF. the gps draws your final course on the GPS and if you set your navs to "GPS" you will even get a localizer drawn onto your nav indicator.

if you dont have appraoch plates at your desk, go online and download the ones you well as airport diagrams.

id be happy to talk you through this is you want further info. you can also download garmin GPS simulators to your desktop for training.

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