Runway Indicators on GPS Airport Icons ??

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Quite new to FS2004;

Am I imagining it, or are there really thin, small lines on the Airport Icons within GPS that indicate the angle/degree of the runway(s) ??

I was flying Newcastle - Leeds/Bradford (UK) last night and as I approached Leeds and chose my runway and cleared with ATC, the runway I chose was 32, (so angled at 32 Degrees), and as I approached the Airport, I noticed on GPS there was a little line on GPS within the Leeds Airport Icon.... The line appeared to be at 32 degrees.... and it helped me make my best landing yet !!!

Did I imagine this (was it divine intervention to make sure I landed?), or do these tiny Runway Angle Indicators really exist - I didn't have time to check others and I'm back at work now!

Thanks in advance,

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Firstly, I hope you meant that you were lined up on 320 degrees for rwy 32, not 32 degrees. Secondly, most airport depictions will show a rwy or two, but don't count on them being accurate. A better indication in the GPS is the bearing indication. That is, if the GPS is telling you that the airport is 300 degrees from you, then you need to turn left so that it becomes 320 from you if you intend to land on rwy 32. Piece 'o pie. 😎

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Sure - I meant 320 degree....

Good pointer ArkyDave, appreciate the tip, will try it out tonight!

Thanks again,


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The line angles in the GPS arpt indicators are pretty accurate, especially if you click the range down to 3 miles or less.

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