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As soon as I joined, I found the and decided to download it. 45GB. Three days later, it was at the end of the file. Suddenly, my computer locks up hard. Cold re-boot. Not only had I lost the file, but all of my bookmarks in Chrome had been erased. All passwords, Favorites...everything!

I'm not sure if the huge file somehow choked the computer, but I've added some extensions and a download manager so it doesn't happen again.

I post this to warn others. Back up, use restore points, whatever, so you don't face a similar disaster.

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Firstly, this is not the fault of the size of the file or downloading the file from our file library. There is nothing in the file that could cause this behavior. All files are scanned every 30 days to check for the latest vulnerabilities (unlike any other flight sim site).

It sounds to me that this could be a hard drive issue. Perhaps it stumbled across some bad sectors while writing such a large file that you may not have experienced if you didn't download it. I would run an extended SMART (check each sector) test on your drive to be sure.

You can try this:

Let us know what you find.

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Yeah, I'm sure the problem was on this end. I've grabbed other files from FlyAway with no problem. Looks like there wasn't enough space on the drive to actually save the file once it was ready for baking onto the drive.

Using a commercial download manager solved the problem.

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