Installing The FreeMeshX Pack

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Whew! Just D/L'd the 45GB file. There are no instructions on where to put all of these files. Here are the folders inside the zip:

    FreeMeshX - Africa
    FreeMeshX - Antarctica
    FreeMeshX - Asia
    FreeMeshX - Australia and Oceania
    FreeMeshX - Europe
    FreeMeshX - North America
    FreeMeshX - Patches
    FreeMeshX - South and Central America

Inside of each folder is a SCENERY folder. These files don't seem to replace anything in the vanilla game, as I've been unable to find any matching filenames there. And I'm unwilling to guess and copy such a large dataset into the game's directory.

A little help, please?

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I didn't see any way to edit the OP, so this is added:

The instructions on the download page say: To install FreeMeshX, all you need to do is follow the basic installation instructions provided.

There are no instructions provided.[/i]

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There is a read-me file that comes with the download.

Also read here (on download site) below "What's New".


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Try these instructions here:

You add it like normal scenery (even though it's mesh).

Let us know how you get on. Maybe even post some screenshots!

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Here's a step-by-step. Hopefully, you'll see what I'm doing wrong.

I copied the Africa Scenery file into the Addon Scenery directory. Opened up FSX, went to the Scenery Library, and clicked on the Add Area button.

I navigate to the folder:

But when I click on OK, the directory field remains blank. It won't accept it.

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So how can I post screenshots?

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They have to be posted from a site that is https, not http.
Flyaway only allows secure sites.


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Ricebug, did you solve the problem? I have the same with th enew USA-mesh, 51 GB downloaded and no use so far.


i need dowload the free mesh X patches

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