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Flight1 Aspen EFD1000 for FS2004?

sciencemagic Guest

I've read several reviews of the Flight1 Aspen EFD1000 that say it works in both FSX and FS2004. But the product page says only FSX.
Can anyone verify that it does or does not work in FS2004? I prefer that simulator, and the real life plane I'm flying uses the Aspen

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It states that is for FSX only.
Check with the company and see if they had made one for FS9 and still have it for sale.


Sciencemagic Guest

Well, I heard back from the company. Apparently it is for FSX only. And there doesn’t appear to be one for FS 2004

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Too bad, at least you tried and now have the truth.


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