FMC (Flight Management Computer)

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Are there any good Free FMCs available?

I googled & found only one "vasFMC - freeware FMC for FSX • C-Aviation" but its
vas FMC . zip can only be opened with its own "zip extractor" whose "" wants to access your Google Account and sach nusties, obviously a scam, it scared me off.

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Check this out.


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Thank you, will start saving soon.

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[size=150]At long last managed to download FMC, & for info these are the 2 Vidal items (after long trial & error) to modify with the 747 Panel:- NB the last line in red eluded me for ages before I enter it there & FMC showed up in the cockpit.
Actual Panel 747 FMC Dec.2018

[Window Titles]
Window00=Main Panel
window01=Radio Stack
window03=Throttle Quadrant
window04=Overhead Panel
window06=Mini Panel

ident=1904 //Don't change this
window_size=0.270, 0.567 //0.243,0.565
//window_size= 0.232,0.465 //Use this entry if you have wide screen.
window_pos=0.730, 0.430 //0.010, 0.04
gauge00=fp_fmc2fsx!fmcCRJ_X, 0,0,325,512[/size]
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Hope this url works, pls click on it:-


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Yes the jpeg works, it looks great.
Have a good time with your new set of gauges.


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