Tomcat F-14D which one?

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I'm new on this forum, so hello everyone. I'm Jan from The Netherlands.

Today's offer Tomcat F-14D is version 2.1.1, build 37vr, dated oct27 2013. That wonders me.
My installed version is 2.20, build 39vrs, dated jan04 2013 (??), still available here.

There are some inconsistencies (versions, builds, dates), for 2.20 generally comes after 2.1, I think. 39 definitely after 37.
The date of the Readme file of v2.20 is jan04 2014. So, it's likely that the build date states a wrong year, should be 2014. That's a common mistake under people, every new year (can the system be wrong too?).

As far as I see, only the Effects folder shows more files (2.1.1 = 27 - 2.2 only 7). Not enough for using this version, I think.

Can anyone explain why Flyaway offers the obvious older 2.1.1 build today?

(I wanted to contact FlyAway directly about this, but I can't find an email address.)

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He will probably see this and you will get your answer.


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