ILS Issue - landing too the right of the Runway

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Hi. There,

Been having a few issues with ILS appproach for landing where n final the aircraft at 2 locations was right of the runway, I checked the ILS frequency and headings as they were as written on the World Map. What am I missing as this has been common to 3 Aircraft ?.???

The locations were Phuket and Chiang Mai

Aircraft were 7-400, CRJ700 & 747-400 All default FSX SE aircraft but ... I updated all today with patches etc on this site .....

Ideas ??? I’m a relative newbie too .....

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Hi Radarman,

Read all and I believe I am doing it mostly [?) correctly as in the 70nm range get the Runway ILS description and I gather this info from the World>Map and scroll into the runway for the ILS frequency and heading, so depending on which Aircraft as the 737-800 has a different approach technique to say the CRJ700 & 747-400 being the approach button timing for on as in intersecting the final approach glide slope ..... As I understand it ...
2 things maybe affecting my problem here are
1. on the approach to intercept the ILS/heading indicator I have switched to NAV and the Aircraft has intercepted the ILS and turned on track ....
2.. I have not been flying the Aircraft on the Vectors to final approach then changing to Nav in the 10 - 15 mile from Threshold .... Most probably earlier some times as if the Aircraft has recognised the ILS (as I have received the comms signal) and has turned and is/has lined up with the runway I have assumed all is ok...

the problem is not the heading of the runway or the elevation of the runway it is just the
ILS approach puts me one whole Runway width to the right ????

737/800 & CRJ700 into Phuket Intl
747-400 Freightways into Chiang Mai Intl

Is this random or is it my incorrect approach or ????

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Sorry, if it's not explained in there then I am of no help.
Lets hope that someone comes along that can answer you.


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