tds 737-900er delta airlines install instructions

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i downloaded this file from your site: and i just can't figure it out. There is tds793er_cfm56-7be--lp2w3 folder but then there is also folder called fsx that has also folders called "model" "textures" and aircraft config file in it and i really can't figure out what to do with them because usually with addon aircraft there is only one folder that goes into fsx/simobjects/airplanes folder and thats it (maybe some effects too), so can somebody help me with this one?
am i supposed to put the "tds793er..." folder in my fsx/simobjects/airplanes folder and then use the content of the fsx folder to replace the folders and files in tds793er folder for some reason? and then put the effects in the fsx/effects folder? i'm sorry to bother you with this, but this aircraft models installation seems to be quite a puzzle and many people in the comment section doesn't seem to get it working either.

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Put it all in the fsx/simobjects/airplanes folder except the effects.
They go into the main effects folder.
They should have told you in the read-me.


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