America's worst airlines

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Atlantic Southeast Airlines (Delta Connection).

On-time performance: 63.3% (worst)

Baggage mishandling: 16.9 per 1,000 passengers (worst)

Cancellations: 4.4% (second worst)

The other "winners":
2. Comair (a division of Delta Air Lines)
3. American Eagle (a division of American Airlines)
4. ExpressJet Airlines
5. US Airways
6. American Airlines
7. Mesa Airlines
8. Delta Air Lines
9. United Airlines
10. Alaska Airlines

Not on the list (I guess "good" airlines in terms of on time performance, baggage handling, and cancellations):

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain


Northwest needs to be on that list.

cancelled flights galore back in July.

I have never had any problems with USAir. But then their union is the same as my work's union.

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bawls327 Captain

In my vote its airtran. Everytime I fly with them I have had a canceled flight. Delayed flight example I had a flight at 10, and it got delayed til 9 at night!, they lost my luggage. Basically I just dont like them. Others say that they are a good airline but I do not like them at all.

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Air tran is just... .well there... I neither like them nor hate them...

they got me to florida on the same day... that counts...

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Alaskan Airlines, my home airline 😳 😳 I hope Horizon is a bit better 😳

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