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I was trying to do a 1400 nm flight with a 747. Kept running out of fuel so I looked with ideal flight at the max fuel and saw it was about 6000 gallons. I know the real one has about 40 thousand gallons or something like that. I tried looking at the cfgs I have for the 747 planes but I don't see anything that talks about max fuel. I read on these forums already about how I can adjust what i need to, but how can I do this with out much of a headache? The weights look ok. I'm using freeware aircraft and want them to be close to real world as I can get it in terms of fuel. This might explain my problems Ive ben having for 6 months lol! I love flight siming except right now lol! Ben trying to do this flight for 3 days now. Lol! I am a year old newbie so be gentle. Hehahaha.

Blessings all.

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Thanks, except I tend to burn all of my fuel 2 hours into this 1500 nm flight and I don't on shorter runs. and I leave with the right amount of fuel according to ideal flight. I'm still at a loss as to what's going on. I should not be burning a thousand gallons an hour on take off and barely have enough for cruse. It's my AP causing the issue I think, or the freeware air craft I use which suck, aircraft, not ap.

The reason I use ideal flight as the payload dialogue is not that accessible with p3d, ok, the menus are not even readable by my screen reader. I should say I'm a visually impaired pilot so need to use different tools to get the job done. The article is interesting though, thanks so much for that. I will keep that in my list o sim links if ever I need to refer back to it.

I know this is a lot of information to take in, but I hope it helps a bit as to why I do what I have to do and what tools I use which are going to be slightly different than the sighted simmers. Cool eh?

Take care all and blessings.

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